Winter 2020 Events Coming Up

This winter's events calendar obvs looks a little different for 2020! But it doesn't mean that things aren't happening!

The capalog has 5 events coming up, mainly all online but one solo real life event fingers crossed too. All of these events are saved to the capalog's facebook page, so either save them there or follow on insta for a reminder!

All the online events are run by amazing makers markets that would normally hold markets in real life and have chosen to still hold an event, but every single element has been taken online instead. So they're used to curating groups of makers and finding the best creative talent out there. 

However they're normally limited to the amount of stalls they can hold & trust me, I've seen some amazing epic makers miss out on stalls in previous years, so it's actually pretty exciting for them to be able to host them online and add even more makers than usual to their rosters.

The hosts are Crafty Fox Market, Endless Love Creative, Make More Stuff and Urban Makers Market.


So what's the advantage of following the online markets? WTF is an online market? It means we'll all have pages on their websites and makers will be featured on their instagram stories and posts and these pages will only be live during the market opening hours.

As for what The Capalog is doing for each market date, the main thing is a NEW CAP style is going to be released exclusively for each weekend there is an online market. That means with four weekends of events, FOUR* new cap styles are on the way, and one by one they're going to be released on the website at the time of each market. 

The new caps are also going to be cap of the week that week, that means 20% off for one week only, so it's really worth following the online markets. 

*(Wait 4 caps, 5 events? We've got a double booking, an online market at the same time as my one real life market!)

Bringing the market features to an online format

One of the main advantages of coming to see The Capalog at events in real life is trying on caps and getting your head-size. It's just always going to be easier trying on clothes and caps in real life to know for sure which size to go for. This is obviously a little tricky online, and especially with corona virus restrictions but I can still guide anyone trying to figure it out. 

So I will be bringing this into the weekend events somehow too, either via a live video or stories on how to do so. So if you're at all unsure about how to measure your head-size to order a cap and would prefer to see someone else actually do it, then follow the event for extra info on this! As I will make sure that this is included!

And don't forget to check the sizing page for more info on how to how to get a head-size right now!

All of these events are saved to The Capalog's facebook page, so either save them there or follow on insta (@thecapalog) for a reminder.

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