Tape Measure Colours!

Tape measures are handy for figuring out your head-size before ordering but they-re def not something that everyone has in their houses anymore.

So we've got you covered! Tape measures are available here to buy and are sent out straight away and cost £2.50.

They are labelled with cm and inches, so you can stick to your personal preference and they now come in 5 colours. Cos I'm a colour geek, so it would be rude not to..

Multi Coloured Tape Measures for Head-sizing

They come in a dusty miami pink..

Miami Pink Tape Measure

Banana Yellow...

Banana Yellow Tape Measure

Petrol Blue

Petrol Blue Tape Measure

Mint Green

Mint Green Tape Measure

and Candy cane white & red.

Candy Cane Tape Measure

And if you are still baffled as to how to get your head-size, then don't forget to check the sizing page for more detailed info on how. But don't panic, it's super simple, it's best to get it accurate for the best cap fit, but it only involves one measurement.

Tape Measures available here.

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