So let's be honest, all the fabric & materials used for the caps comes from different places. Almost all of that is either from sustainable or local small fabric shops. Shops that either care about who makes it and has made a change in the whole chain or independent fabric shops that the capalog wants to support in the long term. So specialists in their field, such as providers of ribbing or cap peaks (known as peak knives), who have been trading for decades and know their stuff.

The denim comes from a couple of places, most of it is from a lovely company in wales who specialise in organic cotton and work very closely with weavers in Kerala, India. That includes the blue grey, almond, red, charcoal and lilac denims. Then the mustard yellow comes from another denim specialist, but still a uk based small company.

The teal blue linen for some of the caps comes from offcuts in pattern-cutting from my lovely neighbour who makes aprons and all her fabric is sourced in Yorkshire. Caps only use small pieces, and when we realised that she had pieces too small to make aprons, but perfect to make caps then we had a chat in the corridor, forgot about it & then literally months.. maybe a year later I finally made a few.

The inner peaks for half of the caps are made from leatherboard which is a sustainable material made from recycled materials. They are sourced from a company based in the uk also who specialise in cap elements.

The other half of the peaks came from an amazing ebay find of a lot of various things all related to hat making. So in that one box were a multitude of flat cap patterns in multiple styles and sizes, plastic and leatherboard peaks. So I intend to use up every single plastic peak in there and then once they are gone, those will be changed to leatherboard too in the same shape!

I know what you're thinking, have you just based your whole business on that one (quite frankly heavy) box? Nope. I wish. Would be plastering that fact everywhere if i did. I am definitely gradually cataloguing it though & learning from it!

I think I am prob one of the few people that box was exciting to though! I had already been patterning caps for many years before this (disclaimer :P). But flatcaps are one of the few that are goals but have so many factors that my picky geeky design brain wants to change and tweak essentially..

Also basically every single pattern in there I have to decode. I don't know the seam allowances that they have used, I don't know what all their nicknames and markings mean, the ones that there are marked & I don't know for sure what any of the final caps would look like either.. Don't get me wrong though, an awful lot of it does make sense. Also where would the fun be in actually doing cap patterning, if you just copied someone else's? Creating shapes is half the fun of pattern cutting!

It was most definitely one of the most amazing ebay finds I have ever found though!

If you want to know more about the ebay find, then stay tuned as it will most likely be a regular blog feature coming soon.

I thought this page was about Fabrics?? Umm..