A catalog of caps essentially.

The capalog is a collection of cap styles and ode to an obsession with working out the jigsaw of cap patterning. 

Created by a milliner who has spent hours on buses being a weirdo looking down at peoples caps and figuring out the exact shape of the pieces and how they go together. 

All the cap styles are chosen for being the ones that are either timeless retro comforting faves or a reflection of what I've learnt about capmaking over the years. My background was originally in theatrical costume, so I've patterned a lot of different time periods and styles, but I want to provide cap styles for today's world too.

Stack of caps

All the caps are made from scratch, that means the flat patterns are drafted by hand and altered and tweaked to make the final shapes. Then the caps are cut out of fabric and machine stitched on a trusty bernina sewing machine in house, in Saltaire, just outside of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

For more info on how caps are made, including more about pattern cutting and how it works and info on the fabrics used please see the individual pages underneath the craft section above. 

Inside a cap

Lady behind the capalog

Jen the chief capmaker