All the caps are made and sent in batches. This means more can be made at a time, they can be cheaper for you as a customer in the long run AND more importantly it means fabric buying and therefore waste can be kept to a minimum.

Why is fabric waste important? Because we're all about slow fashion and sustainability here. Controlling the whole system so it doesn't rely on funding or gambles and creating a better stronger future for all involved.


Batches are sent every week on a friday on a 1st Class signed for delivery. Delivery is included when ordering a cap at The Capalog. That's right, delivery is completely FREE. So with any luck you will get your cap on the saturday at your choice of address. If local to Saltaire, collection is also available at the workshop.

For the latest dispatch date see the banner at the top of the page, but all you need to do is order by each wednesday at 12pm to get it added to that weeks batch.

Because the caps are made to order we send them signed for so we can track them if needed & your hard earned pennies are not lost in the mail.


The boxes used for the caps are made from card & paper, so they are eco friendly & recyclable. The logo has been embossed on the boxes too, instead of stickers. So you can pop them in your recycling if you want but they're also pretty sturdy but you can re use them & they are handy for a lot of storage.

Everything from the label paper and tissue paper is considered & recycled or recyclable is definitely chosen wherever possible.

In the long run The Capalog wants to offer a recycling service, for anyone who wants to recycle. As well it just seems a bit pointless to the system throwing boxes away, that can be reused for that very purpose, that is the point of recycling right?? If you don't want to keep them that is..

SO if you want to return your box & want to recycle even more, then please do send them back/drop them back whenever you see me at an event etc!

Any boxes returned will also get you a £5 voucher off your next purchase.


If your cap doesn't fit right or you want to return it, not a problem. Legally with buying online you have two weeks to return an item if you want an exchange or refund. This doesn't apply to made to order items (as all the caps are) but we want happy customers here and with head measuring and clothes it is often tough to know without trying it on. So for returns & exchanges with The Capalog you have up to a month after delivery (not purchase) to make an exchange/return.

For size exchanges you can also exchange your cap after receiving it & for local buyers to Leeds you are welcome to pop by for a fitting or come to any local event to do an exchange in person. 

For the size guide and how to measure your head, and advice of what size to pick, don't forget to use the sizing page first though here or drop an email for help.


The Capalog wants to be a part of the change in the fashion industry and the only way to do that is to change the system. We believe in slow fashion here and fast fashion has taken over a little bit and unfortunately that means that behind the scenes a lot of waste gets created, either from collections that are churned out each year, without guarantee of sale or workers not being paid enough. It's great when this becomes a sale and you get a bargain, yay...

BUT it's never as simple as that. For one workers who have to provide for their families rely on that wage and it can have a huge knock on effect. Not just here where they are being stitched, but throughout the whole chain, which goes right down to the weavers and suppliers. And two as humans we're not predictable and why should we be? We're all individual & life isn't predictable either. At The Capalog we want to create a realistic system where no promises that can't be met are kept and also bring a little bit of respect for the craft & skill of making things back & well to make sure humans are looked after.

It is impossible to describe the whole situation on a shipping page, but for more info we strongly recommend checking out the movie "True Cost" (it was on that red coloured streaming service with a big N as the logo that we all have). Or stay tuned as we talk about it more and see what we can do to shift the whole situation towards a better future!