All the caps for sale by the capalog are made in house and in small batches.

The pieces of a fisherman cap

The caps are cut out from the fabric first, some of the caps use upto 11 pieces of fabric, and each piece of fabric or pattern piece is cut into a pretty particular shape. Each shape and slight difference in shape, makes the whole cap a different shape.

The pieces are then sewn together using one wee vintage but sturdy bernina domestic sewing machine.

Bernina sewing machine used for the cap production

Bernina's are legendary in the sewing world, as they were originally designed to be a one off purchase built to last, so a lot of them are more mechanical than electric mother board and honestly I want a good sturdy neat straight stitch and nought else! In sewing machine world there's also domestic and industrials, domestic sewing machines can be packed away and are designed for home use and industrial machines are used for more heavy duty constant sewing and have a much more powerful motor and also take up a lot more space!

Personally I prefer my bernina to a monster of a industrial, but as a tool geek I bet I'll upgrade one day. But if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Flat lay of letter tiles spelling batches

Caps are also made in batches, normally small weekly ones. They are cut out on wednesdays, sewn on thursdays and then finished and packed on fridays. 

So each week a limited amount is made.

For me running as a sustainable business is really important, so this is why batches. (Probably after years of casual work in theatre and being scarred by not earning a sustainable wage..) I've learnt the hard way how working yourself to the bone can really effect mental health, fair wages and fair living. 

Essentially the caps are made and priced right down to the minute it takes to make one. Getting the balance between affordable and sustainable products is not an either or situation either. Yes cheaper is great, but cheaper in what way? There's always a limit.

Caps mid batch

It's not just wages and prices either that contribute to a sustainable business, so many things need to be considered, from the suppliers, packaging and just how time is managed. Slow fashion is the preferred way here, because it makes a big difference across the board, for lots of people. And the only way to make a change is to be the change & to start small.

This ethos will always be a part of the capalog. Caps are made with more focus on craft and sustainability, rather than cheap products designed for a quick sale and as the latest trend.

It's totally possible to make a great cap, made well and at an affordable price. 

Green basic cap with charcoal peak £35 inc p&p