All the caps for sale by the capalog are made in house and in small weekly batches.

The cap patterns are designed from scratch, using a good old pencil and pattern paper, as the shape of each flat pattern piece is super important and effects the final overall shape of the cap.

Cap making flat lay

The pieces for each cap are cut out from the fabric first, some of the caps using upto 11 pieces of fabric, so for each size a customer orders, that means sometimes a lot of the elements change & the measurements have to be super specific!

All the bulk of the sewing is then done on a sewing machine and the seams are sewn together using one wee vintage but sturdy bernina domestic sewing machine.

Bernina sewing machine used for the cap production

Lastly the headbands are added to an exact headsize and any linings are added by hand if needed. Before the final labels are also added on.

All the caps are made in weekly batches, so they're cut out on wednesdays, sewn as far as possible on thursdays and linings and headbands are added on fridays, before sending out. 

So each week a limited amount is made. This is intentional as a small slow fashion brand, I want sustainability and the craft to be the main focus, offering lovely caps in individual headsizes affordably and making sure each element is sustainably chosen too. The best way to do that is to take control & start from the ground up.

The fast fashion business is a bit of a monster at the moment and it's human beings and the environment that are suffering, so we're keeping it as simple as possible every week at the capalog.