Upcoming Markets and where to find The Capalog out in the wild:

Please note with corona at the moment these are all pencilled in & have mainly been rearranged from earlier this year.

To keep track on the latest news, it's best to check instagram under @thecapalog.

At events you can get your head measured, try on every style in all sizes* and there is usually a selection of earrings and waste not want not products made from the cap offcuts. Giftcards & face coverings are also available.



ONLINE: Sat 7th: Crafty Fox Market

ONLINE: Sat 21st/22nd: Endless Love 

LONDON: Sun 29th 10am-5pm: Urban Makers Market @oldspitalfields*

*(subject to change, depending on how bad the second wave is)


ONLINE: Sat 5th: Crafty Fox

ONLINE: Sat 5th/6th: Make More Stuff


****Corona Safety re trying on at events:

For events in real life, I have a stock of sample caps in all the available sizes, as well as ones to buy. 

It is totally understandable that you kinda need to try caps on before buying them, that's just how it goes! Also you are under no obligation to buy anything you try on!

Anyone who wants to try one on will be asked to use hand sanitiser before handling and any cap tried on by anyone will be put aside in it's own mini quarantine, so as to ensure no one else tries it on that day.

At the moment all the sample caps have been packed away in individual packaging (biodegradable packaging woo) to ensure they stay separate.

FYI according to all the research I have done, corona doesn't last on fabric longer than a few days & all the caps are designed to be washable anyway. 

NB: Don't forget that I'm always susceptible to haggling at events, so if you try it on then maybe i would rather give you a discount then wash it after the event too.. #JUSTSAYING

*Corona Safety & getting your head measured:

Can you still get your head-size measured at events during corona? Yes!

Well I can't touch your head, but I can clean a tape measure and show you how to do it, so for anyone who wants to find out their head-size, then not a prob! There is a way that I've brainstormed, that should work..

It's just gonna be a little bit like a show and tell, with a tape measure each, a mirror each and involving me showing you on my own head and talking you through it. But head measuring is super simple, so head-size measuring at events is totally still possible, without me touching your head and without either of us coming into any danger of cross contamination.