All the Caps are made to order to your headsize, so please check you have ordered the right size before ordering.

(Don't panic though, as with all ordering online you can still exchange later it if you want a slightly smaller or bigger fit. Just see the shipping page for info on exchanges.)


There is only ONE measurement you need and that is around the widest point of the forehead and back of the head. You can do this with either cm or inches and then use the chart below to pick the cap size to order.



Once you have your headsize, firstly have a think about how tight you would prefer your cap to fit. Sometimes if a hat is too tight it can essentially give you a headache later in the day & quite simply everyone's level of comfort is slightly different.

For a comfortable fit we would recommend going slightly bigger than your head measurement. Approximately 1/4" for a snug fit or upto 3/4" for a roomy fit. 

Some of the trapper hats and fisherman caps it can be a lot more comfortable to be a bit bigger, but the denim caps you don't really want to blow off your head, so try to stick as close to your actual headsize as possible (1/4" e.g.) 

Size chart that caps can be ordered in and their measurements in inches and centimetres


Not a problem! Headsizes range from as small as approximately 20" for adults right up to 26" and for kids between 16" - 23" but only APPROXIMATELY. I've seen lanky friends with 24" heads and have made hats for opera singers right up to 25". There is no predictable rule and for kids especially heads are obviously still growing, so this changes. 

The above table is just a guide & custom requests are definitely always available. So if you can't see your size in the chart then get in touch and drop an email. There is no extra charge for one made in your headsize.

Altering the cap patterns to a particular size is just an everyday part of hatmaking, so this is definitely possible. The ultimate goal is to have more sizes including kids headsizes available to order from!


Traditional Headsizing has many formats and each company seems to use a different one depending on their heritage, country or preference. This is why you will sometimes see different numbers. If you already know your headsize or one you prefer then use this chart to work out transferring it to size chart used by The Capalog.