Digital Giftcards

Forgotten valentine's day tomorrow? The capalog has got your back, giftcards emailed straight to you.

Gift cards give you the ability for you to buy your loved one their own cap, without you having to know their headsize. They can come with or without a tape measure and in pretty colourful packaging, using bookbinding tape, for the retro cataloguing vibe, so they're def one for lovers of colour & design.

HOWEVER don't forget the more efficient digital version. The digital versions are emailed over to you straight away, so they don't need any shipping or sending time. Pretty darn handy if you have totally forgotten about things like valentine's day or just haven't managed to get anything yet.

Price wise they start from £20, you can select them for a particular style, or just pick and amount and let them choose. If you are local too and would like to collect one from wharf st, just order a regular giftcard and select wharf st collection at checkout.

Click on the photo below to head straight to the digital giftcards.

More info on the rest of the cap gift cards here.

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