Cap of the week - Classic Blue Trapper

This week's cap of the week - The Trapper Cap in Classic Blue.

Some of you might remember the blue-grey trapper from a few weeks ago, well this is the other blue one! The darker blue denim version. This week was going to feature a totally different cap but after the weather going colder this week, all I want to do is pop my trapper cap on every time I go out and cover my ears with cosy fleecy earflaps. I haven't got the big coat out yet though..

Also gives those of you who got their blues mixed up a chance to get the classic blue one!

For those new to the trapper cap, it is a winter cap with off white fleecy lined earflaps and a short peak. Also designed with nifty magnetic earflaps, that fold up and down, depending on your needs.


The trapper cap is lined with dark grey cotton lining, so it doesn't get too hot on your head, as it would if the whole lining was made from fleece. This also means that during the warmer months you can get a bit more wear out of it and just wear it with the earflaps up, make those pennies go a bit further too.


The classic blue is a soft dark blue, definitely one for kids of the 80s/90s and retro vintage fashion who have seen Singles and Empire Records one too many times... Ahem. #rexmanningday #damnthemansavetheempire

The classic blue is just that, a timeless classic shade of blue denim, that's almost an indigo blue, but it's been taken back a bit and is a slightly subtler softer version.


The denim used for this one is also 100% organic certified cotton, as is the fleece and is sourced from an amazing specialist in the UK. They've worked really tirelessly to set up a sustainable supply chain and genuinely know their stuff.


Trapper caps are currently available to order in four colours and we've got one more of these four colours coming up as cap of the week before Christmas. Not saying which it is though! The four colours are Blue-grey, Classic Blue, Charcoal, & Plum. All organic cotton denim and the whole collection of the colours is available here.

This one is available to order in 10 sizes from XS - 4XL & normally costs £55 inc p&p but with Cap of the Week disc is just £44 inc p&p. Just add the discount code "capoftheweek" at checkout.

Any classic blue trapper caps ordered with the 20% disc before wed the 28th Oct will be sent on the 30th october.
Available to buy here.

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