SAMPLE SALE - How the basics have changed

A couple of days ago a sample sale secton was launched. If you haven't found it yet, it can be seen here.

But why is the sample sale on right now & how have the basic caps changed?

When I first made the basic caps, I was super ocd about the seams inside the caps & all the fabric at the seams being cut back to the stitching and making it look as tiny & neat as possible. Which is super satisfying and looks lovely at first..

But then a few months in the seams start to fray & to me it just doesn't look very professional! I really want the caps to be investment purchases and old favourites that you can wear for as long as possible and remain nice for as long as poss too.

After all who wants to buy something that's going to fall apart straight away after buying it??

So fraying edges inside was SUPER annoying and something that needed finetuning & had to change. Now all the seams inside the basic caps are still as narrow as possible, but are overlocked and the edges ar protected from fraying a little longer. They will always be topstitched on the outside too though, for a lovely finish.

The caps are still the same style and shape and made out of lovely organic cotton denim and canvas with a flat peak, but hopefully they can last a little more wear and tear. If you've ordered a cap at the end of 2020, then you would already have one with overlocked seams too.


The other reason for the sample sale, is because of the year of 2020 & the pandemic, a lot of events didn't happen, but as a small business you need stock for customers to try at events. At the beginning of the pandemic I had 7 events cancelled that I had stock made up for and more rescheduled events that also ended up being cancelled at the end of the year.

This means that I've got an abundance of caps made up for people to try on for events that were made in the old way, all different sizes to allow for people to find their headsize too.

BUT I am super aware that the seams might not matter sooo much to some of you if you get a cheap cap out of it.

After all there's also a STRONG chance it's only me being super obsessive & overthinking every single part of the caps & my craft..!?

Find the sample sale here

The Capalog stall at Urban Makers Market


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