Cap of the Week - Grey Cloche

This week, the cap of the week is the Grey Cloche Cap

As with all the caps, the grey cloche cap is available to order in 10 sizes from XS - 4XL & normally costs £55 inc p&p. But with Cap of the Week disc is just £44 inc p&p. Just add the discount code "capoftheweek" at checkout.

Grey Cloche Cap

The grey cloche cap hasn't been featured as cap of the week before, but it's one of my top 5 and one that I wear myself A LOT.

The cloche cap is made from slate grey cotton canvas, 100% organic cotton and is lined with dark grey cotton lining, it also has a tiny little tan and white button as feature detail, sewn on top of the cap, just like the navy and brick cloches.

Cloche cap button detail
Grey Cloche Cap

The cloche cap is a modern twist on the cloche felt hat, designed with a curved shape crown and soft peak and in grey is a good staple to go with a lot of different coloured coats. It's also got touches of schoolboy cap prep & quirkyness to it, which is prob another reason why it's one of my faves!

This one is a super cosy one to wear as it covers yours ears, which to me at the moment is all I want to wear for the brief trips when I leave the house mid lockdown. It's a balance between comfort and keeping warm!

The cloche cap is available in two other colours of canvas, navy and brick & also speckled wool.

Offer available from friday the 5th Feb at 6pm until the batch cut off at 12pm on wednesday the 10th Feb 2021. 

(All the caps are sewn in house in small weekly sustainable batches).

Any grey cloche caps ordered with the "capoftheweek" discount code at checkout before wed the 5th February 2021, will be sent on the 10th February.

Available to buy here.

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