Be More Thrifty

This month The Capalog is taking part in Make More Stuff's seconds event which is running for the whole of February.

Launched on Feb 1st & showcasing 100 of their favourite makers and this week is Clothing & Textiles, including The Capalog.

Be More Thrifty poster hosted by Make More Stuff

Head over to Make More Stuff's website to see the roundup of makers featured, but this is basically an online makers market, but with a focus on sample sales, seconds and bargains all made by lovely talented designer makers.

As for what The Capalog has on offer for Be More Thrifty, I've got a sample sale full of Basic Caps and Earrings, available at the reduced price of £20 down from £35 and earrings with £3 off each pair. All the sample sale caps are samples made for events that coronavirus hampered last year and earrings made from textile waste from the capmaking.


Pretty good timing with Valentine's day at the end of the week!

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