This week a sample sale section of the capalog has been added. All the caps included are basic caps and are available at a reduced price of £20 instead of the regular £35.

All the sale basic caps were made for events that didn't happen in 2020 & are ones that are made in a different way to how I make them now. 

There are caps available in multiple sizes and colours, but there is only one of each available, so get them while you can!

Cap Sample Sale

All the caps included in the sale are exactly the same basic caps as in the cap index (from the outside) & each cap in the sale is the one shown in the photos. So they look totally the same, it's just all about the sewing on the inside.

As for why they are on sale, essentially as a fussy finetuner I've changed how the seams are finished inside the caps, and over time the seams fray. As a result I've switched processes and now finish any new caps made to order with seams made in a much neater way and that should last a little longer!

Otherwise in the sale there are also earrings included in the sample sale that are made from offcuts from the patterncutting process. These are reduced from the usual £8/9 to £5/6 cos why not when it's waste? If you can give it a good home then it's yours!

The sample sale is going to stay open for all of February or until all the sale caps are gone.

Click HERE for the sample sale

NB: All sale caps are eligible for size exchanges within the sample sale only.

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