Last Cap Batch CLOSED

That's it for the last cap batch!

Now it is past the weekly cut off of wednesday at midday, it is not possible to get a cap made until January, so if you wanted to give an actual cap for xmas, then it is past the cut off for making, sending & getting there in time.

HOWEVER that doesn't mean you can't use the capalog for gifts for xmas. The only way to get a cap as a Christmas present now is to get a gift card.

Digital e-card gift cards are still available to buy right until xmas eve, hell I'm not suspending them on xmas day, so buy them then if you need to. I just might be too tipsy on bucks fizz to answer any queries.

Ecards are emailed directly to you, so they are great for passing onto relatives who you might not be able to see.

More info on digital gift cards here.

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