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What can you buy from the capalog as a gift? Is it an option for presents this year?

Getting a cap as a gift is super easy. All the caps are available in a fancy box AND come with a free month size exchange after purchase.

So you can totally guess at someone's size and they can return it in January if worse case scenario it doesn't fit.

Cap gift box Cap gift box example

Tape measures are also available to order so someone can check their size when you gift a cap if need be and it's just like ordering any clothes online.

Just add a tape measure in with the order or if they already wear a cap, then have a cheeky look at the label before ordering! If they ever take it off that is..

OR there's cap gift cards, so just get the ability to have a cap without all the faff of guessing their size.

Cap gift cards are available to send out in the post or as an eCard via email, so you can skip the size guessing altogether and just let them get on with browsing themselves. This year when we can't necessarily see our loved ones, a digital gift card is a great way to sidestep the logistics of sending gifts and chancing it getting lost in the post and not knowing their head-size. Cos who does know someone else's? Unless they are a cap addict already and you can sneakily investigate which size they already wear....

To be honest we all love a good gift card too, it's great to have the luxury to browse a collection and just get what we REALLY want, rather than what someone has picked out for us. Something about a gift card allows them to feel really spoilt and the idea that they could choose any cap they want is kinda cool. A gift card somehow allows us to imagine all the options are open to us!


Cap gift cards come in multiple colours of envelopes or boxes, so you can really jazz up your gift giving with almost minimal effort..?

The gift cards that come with tape measures also come in a little fancy matchbox style box & the tape measures come in different colours too, so you can still have the experience of choosing something for them, but without the stress of it not fitting!

More info on cap gift cards here.

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