Here we go 2021

Sorry who am I? How does this cap business work again?* :P Anyone else forgotten how to work and wondering how much coffee is too much coffee today?? For anyone returning to work today, I'm right there with you! I purposefully turned everything off two weeks ago, apart from emails and the website. Insta went off, facebook did and well was twitter on? Oops.

Procrastinating with coffee and caps

But notifications on all work social media are now back on and I've reopened all my to do lists and calendars and am attempting to remember how I normally do all my weekly tasks whilst not mainlining too much coffee.. Let's be honest today is gonna be more about coffee than sewing.

So what is happening this year in the cap world and what is there exciting to look out for with the capalog?

New cap colours

The most exciting thing for january is a sample sale of the basic caps & new denim colours are also on the horizon for basics. That doesn't mean all the colours are changing, it means there will be even more to choose from soon! But more on those later this week, once it's all prepped and papped and ready to share. I have also definitely looked back at my posts from this time last year and what I wanted to do and didn't do.. Let's see if we can fix things this year!

BUT for today though, it's all about creative review and starting off slow. The creative review is something I've done for a few years and it seriously makes a difference in January. As a jaded creative I REALLY recommend it. It sounds lame at first, but that's all it needs to be. After last year I think we all could do with a lame cheesy kick to keep going and start off 2021 as best we can.

All you have to do is answer the questions above, go somewhere where you can think and be calm. I can't take any credit for it either, was not my idea! I first did this at a makers club in London years ago and it genuinely took me from tired and jaded to grateful and proud of myself in the space of a few hours. Thought I remembered the last year, but nope I had forgotten! 

We did the review above a pub at our monthly meeting with a cup of hot chocolate and it made SUCH a difference to our mindset. All just went off to little tables on our own and answered the questions one by one. And again I'm saying that as the bah humbug one who would normally be like "nah feck that, that sounds well cheesy and lame. I don't have the time, nah" Seriously find time to do this, it will help finding new energy for this year. It is also ONLY for you. You don't need to share a thing if you don't want to.

Get a cuppa/coffee/fave drink/delete as applicable & take each question and just look over the last year for the things to take away. Apply it to any part of your life, work, home or anything you need to brainstorm. Trust me there will be things you have forgotten and that made a difference. What were the highlights? Did you learn about your limits and how that effected your mental health? (*yep that'll prob be yes for everyone.. thanks corona)

What do you want to take from last year and apply to this year? What small things can you do this week, just to make the first week a little easier? What longterm goals can you slowly start to achieve?

If you do anything today or this week, do this creative review! 

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