Head sizes - not one size fits all!

Caps made to measure are easier than they sound!

So one of the main advantages of ordering from a slow fashion brand is that every single product is made in small batches each week. That means that the size can be custom picked. And as a milliner first, head size is one of the things that I actively encourage everyone to be geeky about!

Now this isn't fancy or complicated. It literally means one measurement! You can manage that right?

The only measurement you need is around your head. 

Headsizes tend to range from about 21" to 25". A lot of people are around 22"-23" sure, just like there's lots of people with size 5/38 feet.. But after measuring loads of heads over the years whilst working in theatre, I've learnt that there isn't always a set rule. I've seen really weedy friends with 24" inch heads, opera singers & actors with all kinds of sizes and lots of different builds, hairstyles etc. All elements that effect it! After all human heads aren't made in an uniform oval shape, so it's not really that surprising!

The main reason that a lot of places don't always offer all the sizes are costs and making stock in advance and the probability of one size selling more than others. But here if we make them made to order, then we can easily change the size that your cap is made to. 

When ordering a cap just check the sizing page before hand and select your preferred size from the drop down menu.

And try not to cap size any dinghies on your way.. 

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