One year ago..

One wee year ago the capalog launched on the 1st July 2019. It still feels like it's not totally off the ground yet and well corona has knocked everything sideways for most of us, so it hasn't been the most predictable year! That's just 2020 it seems..

But it should prob be celebrated a little. So for one batch only, any orders placed for this weeks batch production, between 1st August, until August 5th at 12pm, the capalog is offering 20% off as a thank you to the peeps who are following & who helped get the word out about my cap making obsession..

Birthday sale off all caps on one batch only!

Wait did you say July?? Now I know I should have done this around wed 1st July, but unfortunately life shit happened that week, with a studio move on the 29th June & a family funeral literally on the 1st itself. So we're not even going to talk about that week. Just pretend it was August 1st.


That means the following prices:

Basic caps at £28 instead of £35, including blue-grey, green, red, mustard, orange, brick, charcoal, lilac, grey & plum.

The trapper caps at £44 & cloche caps at £44 instead of £55, including navy, brick & grey for cloches.

Then the fisher caps at £52 instead of £65 AND new face coverings at £6.40 each instead of £8 each.

Any caps or face coverings ordered in that batch will be sent as normal on the friday 7th August or can be collected from BD18.

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