Fashion Revolution Week 19th-25th April

Fashion Revolution Week Poster

So this week is Fashion Revolution Week, a global event focused on making changes in the fashion industry, for the BETTER.

There are a whole heap of events taking place across the world and a lot of resources on the subject at their website below:

You can also follow along on instagram @fash_rev

Fashion Revolution Poster - Who made my fabric?

This is a great organisation because anyone talking openly & positively about making changes to the industry is worth their weight in gold in my book, and also it's just a great resource for bringing people together to make those changes. The ONLY way to make better changes is to brainstorm and get on with it after all.

For me as a capmaker I only want to make caps sustainably, from both a materials point of view and a wages point of view. That's why I'm going on about it!

As for the fashion revolution week, the best way to get involved is to talk about it, and to encourage or investigate how brands are working. Or do what I'm doing and start from the ground up! Or buy from brands who sound like they are working towards a better future. If you can't afford to do that, then honestly the power of getting word out about sustainable fashion is a great place to make change happen. So talk to brands, talk to your pals about it and just do some research. It's only about better wages for all and better practises in production. That should be a good thing.

Who made my fabric? Talking about sustainable fashion

For fashion revolution and slow fashion, there's a heavy focus on transparency and how and where products are made and yesterday's focus for the Fashion Rev week was fabrics, which I will be talking about in more detail in the next post! Even though it's a day late, it's still important to cover. Apparently I'm getting quite shit at finishing things like blog posts on mondays.. But I really care about it, and it's still relevant today! Bloody mondays.

As for capmaking, i think it should just be common sense to think about the materials used in products, think long term about protecting the planet for as long as possible and about the side effects of decisions made along the way. It is totally possible to care about everything and for businesses to still thrive. But the world also isn't as simple as that, and we all know that some of us have to make tough choices, but that sometimes means taking a step back and doing less. Saying no to some things, to enable saying yes to others. Making the decision about what is more important, making a higher profit? Or making a more responsible choice?

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