Who Made My Fabric?

Who made my fabric for the caps?

So who made my fabric for the caps? A part of the discussion for Fashion Revolution Week.

Most of my fabric comes from the an awesome organic fabric specialist, based in Wales. They talk about their weaving partners across the world, quite openly on their website and their socials and fairly regularly too. They also have quite a consistent range of fabrics, so I trust them as a supplier, because they seem to be focused on the long game rather than a turnover of cheaper fabrics.

From them I get all the organic cotton canvas fabrics and all the organic cotton denim, apart from the mustard yellow, which will also be changing to a dyed organic cotton later this year.

At the moment about 75% of the fabrics I use for the caps is organic cotton and I only source it from them. I've sampled caps with other types of denim and quite frankly the quality is really obvious close up, there's little control on the stretch and therefore the final head size and also I wanna make nice caps that people enjoy wearing.

The other fabrics include lining fabric for the trappers, cloches and fishers and the wool fabrics for the speckled cloche and wool caps. Then the flannel on the flannel trappers. The wool is a recent edition and is woven in Ireland and the company really sold themselves to me because of their views on sustainability in terms of things like using local rainwater for the fabric production. 

Fabric is something I am constantly educating myself on and it's more than ok to not have it down to a tee yet, that's the biggest thing to take from this week, keep investigating, keep looking for better.

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