Well hello 2020

So what is happening this year at the Capalog?

Caps/collections & themes to look forward to being released: 

FLATCAPS, two tone caps, miki caps, wool caps, soft peaks & more

More styles are currently being patterned, developed and will be released for sale this year. As a catalog of caps it's a little minimal at the moment & there are so MANY more lovely styles that aren't yet available for sale & that I have been planning in my wee brain & I am itching to get making and pattern drafting.

Number 1 and by HUGE demand is flat caps. There are two styles currently in development and I swear by the life of the cat this is happening this year. 

Two tone caps, I'm a HUGE massive two tone geek, so more colour combos will be included soon. Caps using wool as the main fabric as opposed to denim and cotton will be a permanent feature from next winter. And then there are more casual wear simple styles like miki and workwear caps with soft peaks, similar to the cloche caps and basic caps, just more practical styles to choose from!


The Swatch Book - So many people have requested tweaks and extra sizes or different peaks or coloured stitching that this is what the swatch book will be about.

Basically every cap style in the index will be available to order by the elements of the cap, such as the fabric or the style and then you can custom pick one or two changes.

The advantages of being a small batch slow brand is that this is possible. You're not relying on what has already been made and stored in a warehouse somewhere, but by what fabric is in stock in the swatch book and then the cap is bespoke made for you. 


So this is prob the most exciting for me and also the most tricky. I have long wanted to bring mental health as a focus to the brand. I've always wanted to do it with millinery and never quite figured out the literal way to do it.. But I have been brainstorming loads about how to bring it in and there are multiples ideas about to be released.

Basically I have always experienced insecurities and doubts myself and known many people who have too and I think mental health is something we should more openly discuss and not be scared of. We all have it, whether it is good, bad, unstable, stable, wobbly, or just doesn't follow a linear line. And well in general in life I wanna do some good on this planet, I don't just want to make pretty stuff.

And after all isn't headwear and mental health all to do with the head anyway?

So yeah expect to see me pulling pattern cutting skills and just plain old dialogue about mental health to the capalog this year.

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