2020 Events Coming Up

The Capalog will be at these cities with the full catalog of caps.

Capalog 2020 Event Dates So Far

For full event details please see the facebook events which are saved to the fb biz page or click on the events below to take you to each fb event. Each event has diff opening hours also heads up! It fries my brain too..

At each event there will be the full current catalog of styles available on the website, so all the basics, trappers and fishers in all colour ways. Thanks to a shiny new fabric cutting beast of a gadget there will also be more of the sizes this year in person for you to try. And as usual, I'll be there with a tape measure, so if you don't know your exact headsize, then you can find out your cap size too.

Cities now confirmed in pitstop order are:

1st March: LONDON - Urban Makers at Old Spitalfields 10-5

21st & 22nd March: GATESHEAD - Make More Stuff at the Baltic 11-5

18th April: SHEFFIELD - Endless Love Creative at Showroom Workstation 10-4

25th April: LEEDS - Make More Stuff at Left Bank 11-4

26th April: LONDON - Urban Makers at Old Spitalfields 10-5

16th May: MANCHESTER - Make More Stuff at Manchester Cathedral 11-4

28th June: LONDON - Urban Makers at Old Spitalfields 10-5

For Urban Makers I'll be there every other month at their monthly designer maker market at the end of the month. Make More Stuff are the kids formerly known as Northern Craft and Endless Love Creative have squeezed themselves in too!

EVENT EXCLUSIVES: There will be new exclusive cap styles released at each event, making their debuts, before going up for sale on the website.

FYI: From now on there will also be exclusive discounts on the day. So across all caps as a special thank you for turning up and supporting the events you'll get a hefty day only discount across all the cap styles. 

SO if you are local to any of these pitstops it really is worth checking to see if you can pop along. If anything to get a better idea of sizes and styles in person. 

Watch this space for more details or follow on insta to get a reminder closer to the event.


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