Slow Fashion & Giftcards

Giftcards for caps are the perfect slow fashion combo.

One of my biggest priorities as a slow fashion business is textile waste, which is one of the main reasons, why all the caps for orders are only made in small weekly batches, and made to order, to your head-size. This is instead of selling ready to wear stock.

Making to order and in small batches, limits the amount of stock that is made speculatively, and also therefore stock that is unsold, which is what happens in fast fashion. It just seems like a no nonsense brainer, get it made in your head-size & minimise textile waste? Jobs a good un.

Textile waste is a HUGE problem in the fast fashion world and across the world in terms of pollution and landfill. We need to tackle it from both angles, of production and re-using fabric already made.

But for Christmas it is fucking hard to work out what someone else's head-size is and avoid textile waste if you get it wrong. So the giftcards fill in the blank!

The giftcards allow the recipient to pick their head-size and order a cap sent direct to them. Handy for them to input their own head-size and also if you're not going to be with them this Christmas.

You can also order giftcards to come with a tape measure, so they can work out their head-size straight away and order it on Christmas day if they choose. Cos well not everyone has tape measures at home too! There is also a digital version which is available to order after last posting dates next week.

LAST date to order a giftcard to be posted, is this friday the 17th at 12pm, to make the last post. Digital giftcards can be ordered right up until Christmas eve on the 24th.

More info here.

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