Giftcards for Caps

Digital Gift cards for getting a cap made, are available to buy, right up until Christmas Eve!

So if you've left it last minute, or just been let down by couriers then I've got ya covered!

Giftcards enable someone to pick the cap and colour they would like a cap made in, and pick their own head-size. So it helps if you haven't got a clue what size to go for!

They start as low as £10 and go up to £65, the price of the fanciest cap. There are also multiple options in between, so you can pick one that suits YOUR budget, or that matches a style of cap if you want to narrow it down.

Once you buy one, the code to redeem the card, is sent via email. So it is totally up to you when you pass it onto whoever it is for and you can wait until Xmas day for them to find out about it.

When the recipient uses the Cap Gift Card, they also enter their own head-size and address, so they have the cap sent out directly to them. Caps will be added to the first available batch after they redeem it. So for example, if they choose their cap over Christmas and add it to the cart and redeem the code, then that means their cap would be sent on the 7th January 2022. (Each batch cut off is wednesday at 12pm.)

You can also order your giftcard with a giftbox, so when they get their cap, it comes giftwrapped. All you need to do is add the giftbox to your cart when paying for the giftcard in the original purchase.

More info on digital cap giftcards here or you can find them in the Cap Gift Card section at the top of the page.

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