Product Focus - Cloche Caps

Caps from the catalog and a little about why we love them.

This time it's the Cloche Caps, which come in three colours, Brick, Navy & Slate-Grey.

The Cloche caps are a twist on the classic felt cloche hat, but with a cap twist. Cloche hats are the style from the 1920s and 30s which has that distinct rounded curved crown shape, and as a hat normally has a short brim.

If you knew me as a milliner then you know I'm obsessed with cloche hats, so it's no surprise there's a cap version. Cloche hats will genuinely always be a timeless style.

Cloche caps are designed to cover your ears and keep you cosy and are also lined with cotton lining. Made from cotton canvas fabric although they have been requested as custom orders in denim and there may or may not be a wool version coming this autumn..

The brick cloche cap modeled by Xanthe Prints

They also have a tiny little tan and white button sewn onto the top of the cap for a little bit of extra detail that I would include a pic of, if I wasn't having photography pickles to sort this week..


These are caps that should last you for years & become a good regular winter staple.

Available to buy here 

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