Cap of the Week

Introducing the CAP OF THE WEEK. A bit like dish of the day, but cap based and week based obvs..

Cap of the week headshot with question mark

Cap of the week is a new feature for the capalog. Each week a new cap is the hero and that cap hero will be available to order in that week's batch for one week only with a 20% discount off the regular price, if you enter the "capoftheweek" disc code at checkout.

Cap of the Week 20% off

So if you've already got a favourite and have been putting off buying it then this is the one to watch!

Which cap it will be, will be released on a friday at 5pm on instagram and the website. This is when the discount code will go live and then the discount code will deactivate at 12pm on wednesday when the regular batch cut off closes.

All you've got to do is follow on instagram and the website to see which cap it will be that week..


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