NEXT MARKET! Mindful Market UK a week today!

The next market for The Capalog is a new one, in a fab location. And I'm not just saying that because it's a local one & I get to commute from home! One week today, you can find the capalog at Mindful Market Uk, in the centre of Leeds.

The Mindful Market has been recently founded as a market that is about thinking about where we order from, and what we order. Supporting businesses with sustainable practices, like the name on the tin, being mindful with our purchases. So recent, that this is their first market!

It's lovely to be included in it, as making the right choices and creating a new status quo is one of the core values for me at the capalog and one of the main reasons behind a lot of choices, such as the weekly batches and using organic cotton where I can, using up textile waste and only making to order, creating less textile waste as much as possible too.

Mindful Market Uk poster for makers market in Leeds city centre

As for the location, it is being held right in the middle of Leeds, at Kirkgate Market. specifically next to the food market. So you can definitely get some good grub! The venue is Market Kitchen, where exactly in there, I don't know 100% myself to be honest.. I'll find out about 10am on the day! Perils of a new market & there literally being no photos of it yet! But the market kitchen is one of my fave spots in the centre of Leeds, so it def has the bones of a good day out!

As for caps, there will be the market debut of the colour block combo panel caps, as well as sale trapper and basic caps and a selection of all the caps to try and buy. As for textile waste, there will be a selection of the eyelet earrings, as well as new resin textile waste earrings and mini bookshelf artworks.

Open 11am-4pm and checkout @mindfulmarketuk on instagram, for more pics on all the traders taking part in the lead up to the market.

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