How slow fashion & fitted caps goes together

Each cap available from the capalog is made to order, in sustainable weekly batches.

As all the caps are made in small batches, bespoke sizes are super easy to accommodate. A great benefit of slow fashion, is that when products are made slower, more care can be taken making caps extra special and clothing can be more inclusive too, more head sizes can be offered.

(All the caps available to buy at The Capalog are available in sizes XS-4XL & custom sizes are also totally available to request too.)

Size chart for caps at the capalog

The caps are drafted and patterned from scratch, in house, this means that pattern grading caps to your size is accessible. Cap sizes aren't reliant on stock. As a milliner, sizing is just one of the basic parts of the craft & head size is one of the things that I actively encourage everyone to be geeky about!

The main reason that you can't always order clothing in that many sizes from companies, especially with ready to wear, are the costs and making stock in advance and the probability of one size selling more than others. A lot is done speculatively, which is how we end up sales to sell off excess stock.

But excess stock also means textile waste and that's something I don't want to encourage! That's an advantage to slow fashion, if clothing is made in small batches, then it's just as simple as using a different sized template to cut and make your cap. It's also obviously loads better for textile waste.

Flat lay image of the process at the capalog

How many head-sizes are there? Is it really as broad as I am making out?

Headsizes tend to range from about 21" to 25". A lot of people are around 22"-23" sure, just like there's lots of people with size 5/38 feet.. But after measuring loads of heads over the years whilst working as a theatrical milliner, I've learnt that there isn't always a set rule when it comes to an average head size. I've seen really weedy bodies with 24" inch heads (which is on the larger size) and opera singers & actors with all kinds of sizes and lots of different builds, hairstyles etc.

Cap pattern pieces pinned to teal canvas cotton, ready to cut out

At The Capalog I really want to find a balance between slow fashion and caps that are made sustainably and offering people the ability to order something really easily in their own size.

For more info, please check the sizing page or if you need help drop an email to or pop along to the next event to get measured in person and try on some caps for size.

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