NEW Caps Update Part One: BASICS

So there are some changes in the Basic cap collection!

There are some new basic cap colours... and some going away for a bit.

The new basic caps are: Navy, Walnut, Spinach and Tan Wool.

Navy blue basic panel cap in sizes XS-4XL £35 inc p&p Dark green basic panel cap in sizes XS-4XL £35 inc p&p

The tan wool was a special request from a customer, when I posted pics of the tan wool trapper cap last yr and the other three colours are good wardrobe staples. Spinach is a super dark green, like a forest racing mossy green, that just reminds me of cooked spinach!

Walnut is a darker muted burnt umber brown, compared to the recent copper panel cap and you can't beat a good navy.

Brown basic panel cap in sizes XS-4XL £35 inc p&p Wool basic panel cap in sizes XS-4XL £35 inc p&p

All available in the cap index to order now from £35 inc p&p and in sizes XS-4XL.

Then the basic colours that are departing are:

The Green, Brick, Orange and Mustard basics. At the mo there is a limited stock left of the Green and Brick Basic caps, which were made as samples and they will only available at markets for the time being... but there might be a sample sale of what's left coming up! Mustard is being discontinued as well stretch denim never really worked with cap sizing being reliable and now I've found a good mustard canvas cotton, there is the Mustard Panel cap instead!

As for a future sample sale, just add yourself to the mailing list or follow on instagram for more updates.

The cloche caps have also had an update, which will be covered in the next blog post, part two.

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