Crafty Fox Online Market This Weekend

The last online market for The Capalog is with these lovely humans, this weekend!

From saturday morning at 9am, if you head over to Crafty Fox Market's website, you'll find nearly 190 makers listed with links to their websites and online shops.

The Crafty Fox Markets are really well curated, and they should be, this year they celebrate 10 years of running maker markets. That means that they know what to look for and they are known for having stalls of well made colourful and beautifully made work that has a certain edge to it.

They also always have a good atmosphere about them. They started back at the Dogstar pub right in the middle of Brixton and it was one that I knew about from going as a regular & just as a local. It was always busy and full of people browsing time and time again, now they've grown even more and normally have a regular monthly market (when covid isn't throwing everything into limbo). They also host an online permanent directory Shopping With Soul, full of all the makers that normally have stalls at the market, so there is a permanent resource of makers offering their wares.

 Crafty Fox Online Market Poster

As for this weekend, the main thing to know, if you are browsing the cap index at the same time as the market is on, during the weekend of the 5th/6th Dec, is to use the 10% discount code "CFOX10"

Valid only from sat 5th Dec at 9am, til midnight sunday 6th December. 

Apart from Cap of the Week, this will be the last discount of the year available with The Capalog, that you will be able to use to buy any cap from the whole collection. So get it while you can!

As for Cap of the Week, a new release is coming at 6pm on the homepage and instagram in celebration of the online market, so check back on here or follow @thecapalog on instagram so you don't miss it and the chance to get 20% off for one week only.

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