Cap of the Week - Dusty Pink Acorn Cap

This week's cap of the week, a little later than usual, is a NEW cap! - The Dusty Pink Acorn Cap.

This one is another winter cap, this time without any peak at all, which prob means I shouldn't even call it a cap but they're all caps to me & I'm in charge here! :P
The Acorn cap is made from stretch denim, and a supersoft one at that, so it's got a little bit of a different feel when on, compared to the other caps in the cap index.
The colour is a really luscious dusty pink and is a trial run at new colours, and just a teaser of what is to come next year when fingers crossed I will be dyeing my own shades of denim, definitely out of the same organic cotton that the rest of the caps are made from.
Stretch denim works totally different to regular denim and my original plan when patterning this one was to just add more fun coloured trappers to the collection, but because of the stretch acorn caps seemed a lot more fun cap to make!
This cap is lined with the classic cream/off white organic cotton fleece, that the regular trappers are lined with. So it's a super cosy one to wear out at the moment.
There also may be TWO more colours coming shortly for this style too..

The Acorn Cap is available to order in 10 sizes from XS - 4XL & normally costs £45 inc p&p but with Cap of the Week disc is just £36 inc p&p. Just add the discount code "capoftheweek" at checkout.

Any Dusty Pink Acorn Caps, ordered with the 20% disc before wed the 9th December @12pm will be sent on the 11th December.

Available to buy here.

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