Cap of the week - Plum Fisher Cap

This week's Cap of the week - the Plum Fisher Cap.

Order the latest cap of the week with 20% off in the next week's cap batch. Just add the discount code "capoftheweek" at checkout. 

The fisher cap is a classic old fashioned cap, with a flat stiff peak.

Fisher caps or fishermen caps are pretty distinctive, they have a loose crown, made with perpendicular sides, although you can't see that when worn, this is what gives fisher caps the distinctive baggy crown shape, the shapes of the side fabric pieces of the crown.

My top tip for wearing a fisher cap is to pull or push the crown back, and take advantage of the slouch and baggy crown. It can be worn either way though, depending on your own personal preference. 

Plum purple fisher cap Plum purple fisherman cap in denim

This one comes in Plum, Charcoal or Blue-grey and is available to order in sizes from XS-4XL. With the Plum purple one being on offer as cap of the week in this week's batch. All made from 100% organic cotton denim, with a grey cotton lining.

Each cap is made & sewn bespoke to your head-size and all the caps are made in weekly sustainable batches to minimise waste.

More sizing info here. 


All the seams are finished with grey stitch detail. Just like the plum basic cap and plum trapper cap.

Offer available from friday the 14th May at 6pm until the batch cut off at 12pm on wednesday the 19th May 2021.

Any plum fisher caps ordered with the "capoftheweek" disc code before wed the 19th April at 12pm will be sent on the 21st May.

More pics & available to buy here.

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