What sizes can you order a cap in?

All the caps are the capalog are custom made to your head size. They come in sizes right from extra-small, upto 4XL. Which in inches is from 21 inches, upto 25.5 inches. They can be drafted and sewn in whatever size you like.

Size chart for caps at the capalog and a pile of fabric

Where does the cap size come from? The cap sizes are based on the one measurement around your head and it's something I can get pretty geeky about. I want everyone to be able to order a cap made to fit and it's one of the core parts of the biz to me, making that accessible.

Why offer more than a few popular sizes?

Well, I'm a big believer in individuality & you do you and treating each others with mutual respect & that all the little differences between us all as humans, should be accommodated. Even if that is mad & rose tinted & ambitious.

Custom fitted caps in various sizes ready to sew

Also from my work as a milliner I know, from literally measuring lots of heads, that there's more than just small, medium & large as head sizes. There isn't a set pattern to head sizes, even though as with any statistics there's averages and common ones. I'm also the kid who grew up being the weird one and the outsider, who didn't fit in with the norm (wtf is the norm anyhow) and I want to help folk who struggle to find stuff, like a cap that fits them in their size.

So you can order every style in sizes Xs-4xl & any size beyond that. Just get in touch, if it's not on the list!

And yes I do like a good pun. #capsizing

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