Super Seconds - The Need to Know

So you might have heard me talking about Super Seconds recently, an event taking place online for independent designer makers to sell their seconds or samples at a reduced price.

Well here is the need to know for @supersecondsfestival this weekend and how to shop it as a customer.

All maker listings for those taking part are already live on Super Seconds Festival website here:

Super Seconds Festival poster April 2023

That includes the nifty ability to create a wishlist, so you can narrow it down to your faves from the 250 makers taking part, and in advance too!

All the makers are running their sales via their OWN online shops, but the maker listings on the SSF website have the correct link listed, so it's easier to just go there, then try and figure out if it's via their etsy shop or website etc. For the capalog, on my website, it is under "cap index" in the menu & a link will be on the homepage too.

A lot of makers are offering discounts for the weekend only and that is also listed on their profiles on super seconds websites, so you don't really want to miss those!

Teal cord panel cap the capalog Olive panel cap the capalog

In a nutshell the prices for caps this weekend are, all the caps included are min 20% off and earrings 30% off.

Teal multi panel cap the capalog Green and raspberry teardrop earrings the capalog

The listings for caps go live at 10am tomorrow morning & I'll try to share some of the caps included on stories too.

For almost all of the caps there is only one available at that price 👀 so don't let it go! Last time I took part, sales started right after 10am, so some of ya don't waste no time! There is also a countdown in my stories on instagram, if you want a reminder. Save the countdown and instagram will remember for you.

Blue and red panel cap the capalog

LASTLY but kinda important to know, from 10am on sat til midnight on sunday, you can also use the code "SUPERSECONDS" to get 10% off any order for any made to order brand new cap on the website. So if your fave & style ain't there... then it's still an opportunity to get it cheaper this weekend only, just saying!

The super seconds page for the capalog will remain live until the 9th April at midnight.

Find it here!

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