Picking the right size

Picking which cap size to order without trying it on can get a little tricky, so if you need a little guidance then read on.

This is advice for picking the size AFTER you've measured your head. For sizing info on where to start & measure then see the sizing page on how to get your head-size.

If you already know your cap size, you'll also find a conversion chart of other measurements on the sizing page too.

Size chart for caps available to order via the capalog

Each of the cap styles fit a little differently, just like with clothes in diff styles, when you try them on. For caps and hats, you don't want a cap to be the exact size of your head, because essentially that can sometimes get too tight throughout the day and you generally need them a little bit bigger to breathe.

From my experience everyone has different preferences too about how tight they like their cap to fit! But you also want it to be secure too, the wind can bugger off, you want your cap to stay on.

Charcoal Basic Cap in denim £35 inc uk p&p

But how much bigger is the problem right? Well for ref with the caps like the basic caps, cloches and even fisher caps I would advice going about 1/4 inch bigger than your actual headsize. I wear the basic caps literally almost every day and my headsize is 23.25 and I wear large which is 23.5.

Don't forget caps will stretch out a little and then shrink back in the wash, but only fractions. So you don't wanna go too much bigger in my opinion, and that's based on days in a row of wearing one.

Brick Cloche Cap £55 inc p&pBlue Grey Fisher Cap £65 inc p&pCharcoal Trapper Cap £55 inc p&p

With trapper caps you've got a little bit more room, personally I want to feel like it's staying on but is still cosy to wear, so I still wear large, which is 1/4 inch bigger, BUT I've seen a lot of customers go another size up with them. 

If in doubt just add 1/4 inch to your head-size and stick with that! And don't forget that size exchanges within a month of purchase are free.

When corona returns to normal don't forget to check out the events page for dates coming up, where you can just try on all the cap sizes to see which feels better.

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