Ordering a cap in your size - it's super easy, promise.

Getting a fitted cap in the right size is really easy and in my opinion, can also be really accessible.

All the caps for sale with the capalog are available in sizes XS-4XL. There's half an inch between all the cap sizes and all the caps are made to that measurement, so you can trust when you order a cap, you know what size cap is arriving. They're not made to what I think will fit that head size, the headbands are sewn so they will measure that exact measurement when finished.

Ordering clothes online can be tricky, we've all been there, getting a gauge of what size to order and wondering if you've picked the right one. Size charts are often baffling too, with all the different styles of clothes that they have to work for. Caps are a lot smaller, so it can be simpler.

Inside of a Blue Cord Panel Cap from the capalog

The range of sizes are based on my experience of measuring adult heads, whilst working as a theatrical milliner and the ones that come up. They are all offered for a reason, it's not just small, medium and large. Sure there's more popular sizes, (like with any averages of ranges) BUT I can honestly say every single size in the chart has been ordered, from XS to 4XL. I also still get requests for sizes beyond that, so am constantly adding more sizes too.

Each cap pattern is drafted by hand, that includes each size for each style. So this makes it a little more adaptable for adding new sizes, the pattern drafting is just one of the core parts of the craft. There's also a control of making custom caps accessible, advantages of being a small independent brand!

Size chart for the caps available to order at the capalog

As all the caps are made in weekly batches, making one to a different size isn't a big deal and I want bespoke sized caps to be accessible as poss. We're all unique in so many different ways and we should be able to access clothing that fits us as humans, everyone should be included wherever possible.

More info on sizing can be found on the sizing page here.

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