Ordering a FISHER cap in the right size

Ordering anything new in the right size online can involve a bit of trial and error sometimes and I totally understand cap sizes can be baffling at first. But trust me, I promise, it's not big and scary.

It's all about one measurement, and then picking the level of comfort for you. I.e. how loose YOU would like it.

The same with finding your size in any piece of clothing.

How to measure your head size

I'm also writing this after discussion with lots of different customers and fittings with actors and performers whilst working as a theatrical milliner too. So you can trust I've got a solid idea of different perspectives on cap & hat fit!

Cap fit is pretty transferable to each style, but I've noticed through cap sales that there are slight patterns for each style & I can understand from a customers point of view it's just nice to read somewhere for sure a couple of tips on sizing before buying a certain style!

So I wanted to give ye all a bit of simple helpful tips, tailored to each style. This time the fisher cap is the focus.

Fisher caps or fisherman caps have a pretty distinctive style, with a loose structured but baggy crown shape and either stiff or soft peak. If you google fisher cap, you will find hundreds of slight variations. 

Blue-grey fisher cap side view Blue-grey fisher cap side view

The fisher cap traditionally named because fishermen wore them, is one that has a crown made from side fabric panels and one large oval top fabric piece, a bit like a trapezium cyclinder.

As for working out your size for a fisher cap, my rule of thumb for fisher caps, is first work out your head-size, this is the exact measurement of the circumference around your head. It is NOT necessarily the cap size to order. All the caps are made to the exact size you choose, so you can always trust exactly what you are ordering.

Size chart for cap sizes available to order from at the capalog

Then once you have your head-size, for the cap size, you want to be mindful that going up a little bit, gives a little bit of room. So how tight do you want your cap to be? Do you have any caps you already wear? How tight are they? How thick is your hair?

You can also hold the tape measure tighter and looser when measuring your head-size, so try to hold the tape measure how tight you would like your cap to fit.


This is all about circumferences essentially and a half inch makes all the difference to a cap being too tight or too loose, so be as accurate as possible! Back to the fisher, start with your head-size then I would recommend ordering it in your exact head-size or the size up, to begin with and then see how that fits. It is very rare to go two sizes up, but be super accurate with the tape measure to begin with!

All caps come with a free size exchange, so it's more than ok if you want it to be a little tighter or looser. And remember you only have to go through figuring out your size once. Once you have it you can use it as a guide each time you buy a cap.

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