September Updates

If you are wondering where cap of the month is for September, there is none!

Essentially I took half of September off, so it seemed silly to have one for two weeks. Perils of a one human biz and with caps made to order. Sometimes you need to pause everything and with autumn markets coming up, it's about to get busier!

September Cap of the month poster

BUT Cap of the month will be back on 1st October, AS well as the two day Super Seconds sale tat I will also be taking part in. So that more than makes up for it!

Super Seconds is a massive festival of 250 makers across the country and further afield. It takes place all day long on the 1st & 2nd of October from 10.00am on the 1st to midnight on the 2nd. All the makers taking part are all listed already on & there's a lot of makers that I recognise and ogle, so I recommend watching it. Essentially it is a chance for independent makers to sell off discounted samples and seconds, with discounts upto 70% in some cases.

As for caps that will be available, there are going to be some limited edition samples made from discontinued fabrics such as brick, green & orange and mustard denim.

As well as a LOT of market sample stock, all the caps that normally come along to markets? Going to offer every single ones of those caps at a discounted rate, cos well otherwise it's just becoming dangerously close to becoming textile waste!

And for textile waste a lot of earrings and textile art will also be available.

LASTLY which actually might just be the most useful nugget of information to know, for the weekend ONLY, you can also get 10% off ANY full price cap, if you use the code "SUPERSECONDS" at checkout. This is available from 00.01am on the 1st October, right up until midnight on the 2nd October 2022.

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