New panel caps - The monochrome collection

Introducing the new monochrome panel caps.

Last week 8 new panel caps were added to the collection, some in a couple of colour block two tone combos, but some in monochrome colours too! Today I'm gonna focus on the monochrome coloured panel caps.

The monochrome panel caps are, Copper, Teal, Olive & Mustard.

Copper Panel Cap in sizes XS-4XL

The monochrome panel caps are made in the same style as the colour block panel caps, and similar to the basic caps; all with the same short length peak too; but all in one block colour, for versatility & accessorising. The panel caps are also a slightly different fit on the head and have an extra panel of fabric at the front of the cap.

The Teal and Mustard are organic cotton canvas and the Copper and Mustard are a soft cotton canvas. So they make a good practical cap for everyday wear.

 Teal Canvas Panel Cap in sizes XS-4XL

Panel caps are a pretty popular style at the moment and as a cap style, a really simple but versatile style for everyday. I haven't got a clue where the name originally comes from, as it's a recent style and has only cropped up as a name the last few years. It could be from the panel at the front, or more likely because caps made from different segments are also called panel caps, and somewhere along the lines that has been adopted into the name panel cap, just to be associated with this particular shape of cap.

Olive Panel Cap from The Capalog Length of the peak on the Panel Caps 

I do know it is definitely a lovely practical variation on an everyday cap, that I love to wear myself, and it is one I could totally pattern from scratch, so it is worth including in the capalog. That is just why I started the capalog, to pool all the cap styles together in one place that I recognise how to pattern draft and make and styles that I enjoy tailoring and sewing and think should be available to buy affordably and in bespoke sizes.

Mustard Yellow Panel Cap from The Capalog

Colour wise, I found some beaut coloured cotton canvas to make panel caps from. The yellow canvas is a lovely chrome chrome mustard yellow. I was tempted to call it chrome yellow to be honest, because it reminds me of rosco supersat chrome yellow paint. (Thank you flints for scarring my colour chart brain with scenic paint).

But it is genuinely closer to mustard yellow, even more so than the mustard yellow denim used for the basic caps, which is now being discontinued anyway, due to it's stretch qualities that messes with head sizing. This new cotton canvas is also organic cotton and super soft and tactile. Bonus.

Back of the Mustard Yellow Panel Cap Inside of the Panel Caps

Copper is a colour that I have wanted to add to the collection for a while, there is something super satisfying about this particular warm shade of toffee copper brown that makes me always make a beeline for it whenever I see copper brown coloured clothes, socks.. shoes. Seriously just bought multiple pairs of socks in this exact shade cos I wanna wear them everyday. 

Front angle view of the Copper Panel Cap

All panel caps are available to buy in sizes XS-4XL from £38 each and the monochrome collection from £42 inc p&p.

Available with more pics and info here.

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