New Cap Styles

NEW cap style releases are right around the corner!

There are 4 online markets coming up and to celebrate each one & to coincide with each weekend, a new cap style is being released.

That's four new cap styles! Well fabrics and styles..

For Crafty Fox this weekend, there will be a new cap style altogether. For Endless Love there is a new fabric and a new cap style. For Make More Stuff, there will be an old style with new fabrics and for the last Crafty Fox another surprise.

The main reason I started The Capalog, was because I want to pool all the pattern cutting knowledge about caps, that I've learnt over the years, whilst working as a theatrical milliner & offer them for sale. 

Miki Cap Stack

Caps are fascinating to me, because they're really timeless and simple. They can be a comforting accessory to wear and to a lot of people they hold a lot of sentimentality and symbolism too. Plus they just generally can be made in some bloody nice fabrics, that I want to work with. I'm not gonna lie too, the main reason I'm obsessed with them, is how the pattern-cutting in making them works.

Right now there are 4 styles and 20 colour options in those styles available to order. So I'm not even close to being done yet & needless to say, all the cap styles that are planned haven't even become close to being released. Four isn't a catalogue after all now, is it??

BUT obviously since The Capalog was launched, there was a fuck load to learn about the business and what would and wouldn't work and a system needed creating first. Luckily a lot of things I haven't needed to learn from scratch. Thanks to years of being freelance and trying to learn a lot of things as a milliner, some things I could skip or just trust my instincts on, generally lots and lots of random things scattered a long the way. As with most things in the first year, loads of things never go to plan as you expect, let alone a bloody pandemic right in the middle! 

New caps in progress

However the one advantage I've found to loosing my millinery workshop thanks to covid, is the chance to have everything under one roof and super focus on tasks, which is really satisfying and strangely productive. When you're not getting cabin fever or anxious about the world anyway...!? I don't know how many times I've checked election results in America today for example. TENSE.

So I've been busy fine tuning new cap styles and patterns behind the scenes this year and there's some pretty exciting styles coming.

The first one this saturday is a totally new style that I've wanted to include for a while. Hints are in the pics above! It will be available in four colours, Blue-grey, Mustard, Red and Charcoal and all sizes XS-4XL as usual.

It will also be cap of the week in one of the four colourways. So check back on the website from friday at 5pm for more info!


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