Making Custom Caps in Any Size

There have been a lot of orders for larger sized caps recently, XL and bigger. Larger sizes were only added recently for sale, but I am soo glad I added the bigger sizes, the proof is in the pudding!

Getting a cap in the right size is really easy and also really important. Half an inch makes all the difference in your cap staying on and not blowing away, especially if you wear it while cycling for example or just out and about for everyday, the same with clothing on your body, you want it to fit right.

More info on sizing can be found on the sizing page here.

So now all the caps at the capalog are available to order in sizes from X-small and go upto 4XL, with 8 sizes in between. That's ten sizes in total, with half inch increments in between.

Caps in larger sizes 

The range of sizes are based on my experience of measuring adult heads, whilst working as a theatrical milliner and the ones that come up. When I launched the capalog I started with 7 sizes, XS-XL but only as a starting point, whilst I drafted more sizes behind the scenes.

Each cap pattern is drafted by hand, that includes each size for each style.

Size chart for the caps available to order at the capalog

As all the caps are made in weekly batches, making one to a different size isn't a big deal and I want bespoke sized caps to be accessible as poss. We're all unique in so many different ways and we should be able to access that as humans, everyone should be included wherever possible.

Also pattern-cutting and sizing is a pretty basic part of the cap making process and making a cap in a different size is SUPER easy. 

Brick brick basic cap Basic fisher hybrid cap as custom request for a customer

I've also had a couple of custom requests too, from changes in peaks to custom colours in existing styles. The last three weeks I've made custom versions for customers, almost like ye all are trying to say something! The first week I added extra lining and support to a fisher cap, then I made a brick basic with a brick peak and then last week I added a fisher peak to a basic cap in blue grey. Forgot to take a pic of the fisher though.. damnit.

As for custom changes, if it's a switch of a peak shape or a colour already in stock, then that is super simple to do. So don't be afraid to ask.

Same goes for if you have a smaller or larger headsize than the sizes in the size chart, then don't be afraid to get in touch! 

These sizes don't cover kids sizes for example. The only reason I don't do kids sizes yet is because there's not enough hours in the day and I am well aware that there are a lot of safety regs re kids clothes and washing restrictions and as a business I have to take that super seriously. I want to cover all bases and do research first, because I don't want to get in trouble later!

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