Last chance for a cap before Xmas

Now the batch has closed for this week's cap orders, the only way to get a cap before Christmas for a gift for someone, is at the last market of the year for The Capalog.

This sunday from 11-5pm The Capalog will be at The Crossing, just next to Kings Cross, with approx 100 other maker designers, as a part of Crafty Fox Market's biggest market of the year.

For caps, all the basics will be available to buy in Small, Medium, Large and a limited number of Sm/Med, Med/Lg and XL. That is in almost all the colours, including Plum, Charcoal, Blue-grey, Brick, Red, Green, Raspberry, Sandstone, Lilac and Grey. 

There will also be some trappers, fishers and cloche caps on sale and the Speckled Trappers and Flannel Trappers will also be available to try and order in the next batch. As for earrings and textile waste products, these will also be available to buy and all the earrings will be able to buy with a giftbox too.

Giftcards will definitely be available to buy also at the market, so if you would like to order a cap for someone to be made up for someone and you don't know their head-size then this is the perfect way to go about it.

Giftcards come in two main options, with a tape measure and without. Giftcards allow the recipient to just order a cap themselves on the website, then the cap is sent directly to the address they choose. But you also get something fancy to give to them at Christmas. You can pick your colour of envelope or box for the giftcards. Both options come with an actual card and detachable giftcard inside and instructions on what to do next.

More info on giftcards here.


For more info on the market click here!

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