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Two Tone Basic Cap collection available in three colours

So with new additions to the capalog added just a few days ago there are a few styles that need introducing. As usual they are all available to order in your headsize, are handcrafted in the uk & are designed to be slow fashion wardrobe stables.

Two tone colour combos have been around for awhile, but even more of late in most of the design led worlds and independent design shops & indie craft brands THEY'RE EVERYWHERE. Even more so in retro moodboards and aesthetics. If you love your vintage colour combos, then you will be very familiar with two tone colour palettes.

Orange & Charcoal Basic Cap £35 Green & Charcoal Basic Cap £35 

And well they always immediately get me handing over my pennies left right and centre. SO it was always inevitable that there were going to be some two tone caps in the collection, as they are certainly one of my own personal weaknesses.

The Two Tone Basic cap is just one of the first caps that will feature two tone retro colours. They are made with charcoal organic cotton denim peaks and cap crowns made in fun but retro 90s shades in Brick, Green & Orange. 

Brick & Charcoal Basic Cap £35

To be fair the brick is that good dark magenta burgundy colour rather than red brick, but it still is evocative of old iconic brick buildings that you love to ogle. The orange shade is a burnt 70s orange, sometimes known as leather lake in the painting world. And lastly a proper grass emerald green.

The two tone retro basic caps are designed to be a wardrobe stable for fans of minimalist and retro alternative fashion, so they've been kept simple, with topstitched seams, grey stitching on the peaks and no extra details. They are also made with no lining & are available to buy from the cap index above.

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