Figuring out your Head Size

Follow the below tips to work out your head size and then cap size to order a cap.

Head sizing is pretty simple. I totally understand that it might be a bit unfamiliar... but I promise it is very similar to clothes sizing, in that you want to first work out your measurements and then just go a little bit bigger, for comfort. That's it.

Even more helpful, for head-sizing you only need one body measurement, so it is a lot more simpler than regular clothes fitting!

The one body measurement you need, is the circumference around your head. There is a pretty specific way to measure and you need to be pretty accurate with marking your head measurement, down to the quarter of an inch if possible.

A tape measure wrapped around head to get head size Close up of marking a head size on tape measure

Take a tape measure and hold it across the forehead and round the back of the head, making sure to get it around the largest bit of the back of your head. Then use the tape measure end to mark the number on the tape measure. Try to be as accurate as possible, down to the quarter of an inch. Don't have a tape measure at home? Tape measures available to pop in the post here.

After you have your head measurement, the rule of thumb I suggest for picking your cap size (and especially for all the styles available to buy from the capalog) is to go up a little bit, e.g. a quarter or half an inch. Which size you go for, also depends on the style. So for example, for a basic cap I would advise sticking as close as possible to your head measurement as the basic cap is best worn as snug as possible.

For a trapper cap or fisher cap I would recommend going up a little. My head-size is 23.25" and I tend to wear the large basic cap, which is 23.5" and I also wear a cloche cap in large, as I like it snug covering my ears. For trappers I have gone up a little bit more. BUT. comfort is down to the individual, and I have genuinely found this to be the case for most customers I have spoken to. If in doubt start with the size that is next up from your head measurement and use the free size exchange after purchase if needed.


Size chart for head sizes for the capalog


What free size exchange? All the caps for sale with the capalog are made to order to the size you choose and are eligible for a free size exchange within a month of purchase. So you have the chance to try a size and swap it, if it isn't quite right.

The caps are all made to that exact size as well. They maybe labeled as small, medium etc, but you can always trust that if you for example order a large cap at 23.5", that it will be 23.5". It won't be what I think someone with a 23.5" size head would prefer. I don't add anything extra. This is so you the wearer can trust what size you are ordering and hopefully the system is as clear as possible.

For more info on head sizing, check the sizing page here.

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