Easter cap batch shipping

Info bulletin on ordering a cap the week of Easter..

Easter shipping delays

This week with Easter weekend, we've got Good friday and Easter monday at the end of the week, which effects shipping for cap orders. So if you were thinking of ordering a cap in the next cap batch (by march 31st) then please factor in the extra possible delays with royal mail the week afterwards.

Any caps ordered in the next batch will likely arrive mid next week, rather than early week!

All the caps are normally dispatched on a friday into my local postbox and sent on their way to you. But Royal mail who deliver all the caps don't do collections or deliveries on good friday and easter monday, so that means anything you order over this weekend will be delayed, as that means they will be collected AND shipped late whilst they are on their extended weekend hols!

The batch cut off won't change though and you can still order caps like normal, with the regular cut off on wednesday march the 31st at 12pm.

I'll still be working good friday & your caps will still be made and dispatched as normal.

(cos well as a self employed freelancer it's just a normal week to me and I'm only in it for the excuse to eat easter eggs. :P Plus I like my weekly cap batch routine!)

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