Earrings Up in the Shop

Earrings have now been added for sale in the shop!

All the earrings are made from the offcut waste from the pattern-cutting part of the cap-making and are part of the sustainability goals for the capalog. To find a purpose for the textile waste, instead of just throwing it away! 

They come in multiple colours, each pair is made from two layers of fabric, some are two tone and two colours and all of them are finished with coloured metal eyelets, partly cos I'm obsessed with coloured metal, but also because eyelets are traditionally a finishing detail on caps and clothing. They are available with copper kidney hoops and antique bronze earring hooks.

Some of the earrings also feature the "organic cotton" text stamp which is stamped along the selvedge edge of the fabric used for the caps.


Each pair of earrings is made based on the waste created each month, so while there's a lot of repeat shapes, they are a constantly changing collection and there is only every a guarantee of one pair of each available at any time!

Earrings are sent out straight away and not included in the weekly cap batches and can also be boxed as a gift.

Available here.

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