Don't Forget Giftcards for Valentine's.

For those of you that haven't spotted, it's Valentine's day next week! Next monday, to be exact. That super cheesy corny day that comes around once a year. So if you've forgotten to get something or are still stuck for something to ask for, then don't forget cap giftcards.

For giftcard options from The Capalog, you can get a giftcard sent in the post or get a digital giftcard emailed over to you. Giftcards come in multiple price points too, so you can either watch your budget and help someone buy a cap or go all out and buy the whole thing, if you have an idea what style you think they would like.

Giftcards start at £10 for digital or £35 for a giftcard sent in the post.

They are also super helpful if you don't know your significant other's head-size, as they will choose it themselves when they redeem the giftcard.. It's a great way to get around ordering a cap without having to work out their size! Cos short of pinning them down and measuring it yourself in some weird ruse based on an article you read about head-sizes or snooping inside a cap they already own.. it's a little tricky to get someone's head or cap size without giving the game away.

It also means choosing the right size is all their responsibility and it's a fool proof gift!

Giftcard options for the capalog

Pick their fave colour for the envelope or box or choose one with a tape measure to measure their head size before ordering.

As for redeeming it, they just order one on the website like a normal order and input their unique code (which comes with the giftcard) and their cap is added to the batch they select and sent to the address of their choosing.

All the caps are made in weekly sustainable batches and are sent 1st class signed for on fridays, cut off is every wed @12pm/midday for having a cap made up in that week's batch.

Giftcards are available here.

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