Cap of the week - Orange Basic Cap

This week's cap of the week - The Basic Cap in Orange.

Question, is it really cheesy to have the one orange cap in the collection as cap of the week, for the week of halloween?? I dunno.... is it? I'm always up for the super cheese so sod it, I'm doing it.

The orange and charcoal two tone basic cap is a really lovely burnt soft orange. It's a timeless almost leather lake orange, that is also really autumnal. Please use the below picture for colour ref, as it's a lot closer to the close up than the catalog card pic above!

Personally I'm a sucker for orange, I have a bright orange retro fridge and I even had a half orange, half black bedroom as a teenager. Yes you read that right... an I had an orange fleece I was obsessed with too. So the love of orange is strong here.

This cap is one of three caps, that are made two tone, with a contrasting coloured charcoal peak with grey stitching, the other colours being brick and green. The crown of the cap is made out of canvas fabric and the peak is made from charcoal denim for a retro vibe.

All three of these basic caps are made with matching topstitch detail next to all the seams and the canvas and denim used for this one is also 100% organic cotton. 

This one is available to order in 10 sizes from XS - 4XL & normally costs £35 inc p&p but with Cap of the Week disc is just £28 inc p&p. Just add the discount code "capoftheweek" at checkout.

Any orange basic caps ordered with the 20% disc before wed the 28th Oct will be sent on the 30th october.

Available to buy here.
And if you like this orange, there's also 6 different pairs of orange earrings available to buy, all made out of the offcuts from making this orange cap.

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