Cap of the week - Charcoal Trapper

This week's cap of the week - The Trapper Cap in Charcoal.

Charcoal Trapper Cap

This time of year it is all about the winter caps and keeping warm when you head out. Especially when we're all wearing the comfort clothes inside! It's just easier to keep wearing the cosy stuff for the trips outside.

So this week it's the turn of the charcoal trapper as cap of the week. Last week the new Miki cap was featured and for the next 3 weekends after this, new caps will be getting the spotlight as cap of the week. So it only seems right for the classic staple charcoal trapper to fill the gap in between! 

Charcoal Trapper Cap

For those new to the trapper cap, it is a winter cap with off white fleecy lined earflaps and a short peak. Also designed with nifty hidden magnetic earflaps, underneath the fabric, that fold up and down, depending on your needs.

Made from charcoal black organic cotton denim and finished with grey stitching detail, the earflaps are also made from organic cotton fleece which is super soft and cosy.

Charcoal Trapper Cap Charcoal Trapper Cap

The trapper cap is lined with dark grey cotton lining, so it doesn't get too hot on your head, as it would if the whole lining was made from fleece. Which means that during the warmer months and when it's not quite 100% warmer, you can get a bit more wear out of it and just wear it with the earflaps up, make those pennies go a bit further too. 

Charcoal Trapper Cap

Trapper caps are currently available to order in four colours in denim.

The four colours are Blue-grey, Classic Blue, Charcoal, & Plum. All organic cotton denim and the whole collection of the colours is available here.

This one is available to order in 10 sizes from XS - 4XL & normally costs £55 inc p&p but with Cap of the Week disc is just £44 inc p&p. Just add the discount code "capoftheweek" at checkout.

Any charcoal trapper caps ordered with the 20% disc before wed the 18th November at 12pm will be sent on the 20th november.
Available to buy here.

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